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New Classes Starting 2/21!

Hey Guys, I have a new yoga class starting up at Greenlake Community Center. They currently have the price posted wrong, so sign up fast before they figure it out. Only $6/class!! Here is a description:

Explore the basic yoga postures (asana), breath practices (pranayama), and the theory of yoga. These classes will teach the fundamentals of asana, breath awareness, and relaxation techniques. No specific fitness level required. In our Hatha classes there will be minimal use of flow and more of a focus on the cultivation of steadiness and ease. These classes are a great option for those wanting to work on refining and/or holding postures. You will be encouraged to work within your own limitations and abilities. This class is suitable for participants of any experience level.

Currently priced at $36 for 6 sessions.

Thursdays @7:30 - 8:30

Sign up here:

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